Form 2 from Form 1: New Delhi, India, 2015

Form 2 from Form 1, an installation, accompanied by reading of a text developed by Forager Collective, performed by Meenakshi Thirukode.


In the process of building something, anything, there is an element of displacement. With the removal of sand, rock, mud or some other material from one place, there is a construction of a vacuum, even as a form of some sort is created in another place. Weight is depleted from one place and added elsewhere. Thus there is constant shifting of vacuum, mass, form, weight, thoughts, etc., at the same time constructing a void in the place it used to be.

This placement itself is a construction of a form. Sand bags are ubiquitous, familiar fixtures in all spaces that are being constructed, personal, public, urban or otherwise. We do not seek to change the object, but in the process of sand being packaged so, we recognize the displacement that is being created, from the river bed, into the sack. Likewise, when the bags are transported elsewhere and moved, there again is a construction of a form, in what is removed and what is left behind. The space and its meanings in architecture are constantly shifting. When something is removed, there is a building of something else elsewhere and the building of something where the displacement occurs. This building and building continues in the stacking, storing, transporting and use of sand bags.







Form 2 from Form 1: New Delhi, India, 2015

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