Same Differences, Kampala, 2015

In March and April 2015, Forager Collective’s Sunoj D spent a month as an artist-in- residence in Kampala, Uganda. Apart from pursuing his own project there, he presented, as part of the Collective, a series of soirees at 32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Kampala called Same Differences.

It was conceived as evenings where there would be readings, songs from the kitchen, documentary screenings, exchange of stories, etc., followed by a dinner of Indian food. The main dish was always a vegetable that was widely used in both Indian (cuisine from the southern state of Kerala, in these cases) and African kitchens, albeit in wholly different ways. For instance, by making jackfruit curry with coconut for a people that only ate it as a ripened fruit, and with other vegetables and roots, Forager Collective highlighted the differences, yet the underlying similarities between the two cultures.

The hugely successful soirees brought diverse groups of people together each time and led to many impromptu sharing of songs and stories about food from folklore and old memories.

Below is an assortment of photos from each of the six such soirees that were organized over a period of seven weeks.










In Same Differences 01, Forager Collective collaborated with Ugandan poet and performer Ife Piankhi who read a piece by Editor Deepa Bhasthi, called ‘Boiling Coffee, Burning Beirut’, from The Forager‘s first issue.

Same Differences, Kampala, 2015