Unbounded Mono-Tonic by Abhishek Hazra: London, UK, 2016

Unbounded Mono-Tonic invites you into the world of think tanks and strategy summits, an imaginary session called to work through the differences and tensions of liberalisation.

As part of The Politics of Food programme of events, Forager Collective invited Bengaluru based artist Abhishek Hazra to develop a new performance as part of their project Manufacturing Purana. Working across multiple media, Abhishek’s artistic practice is marked by a close yet idiosyncratic engagement with the affective dimension of scientific research. Through enactments and spoken word narrations, his new piece will stage a speculative exploration of the pre-history of economic liberalisation in India.

In foregrounding historical aspects of the post-independence nation state, Abhishek and Forager Collective interrogate the historical amnesia that too often accompanies the triumphal narrative of India’s emerging economic ‘superpowerhood’.

This performance forms part of the Forager Collective’s residency project Manufacturing Purana, which explores the years immediately before and after 1990, when the open market policy was introduced in India. The wider project interrogates how the appeal of myths or a stories behind food products, fads and movements continue to be employed by markets to sell products.






Unbounded Mono-Tonic by Abhishek Hazra: London, UK, 2016

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